• Project development from idea until turn-key delivery
    Hesy Aquaculture is specialist in design and delivery/installation of turn-key fish farms.
    The fish farms are delivered  turnkey: incl transport and complete installation plus
    commissioning of all ordered equipment.
    Additional customer's expenses are building and infrastructure.
    Hesy can quote systems in different levels of technology and prices.

  • Feasibility study
    In order to avoid unnecessary expenses:
    Hesy offers feasibility studies , setup from simple till comprehensive

  • Business plan 
    Based on the customers input concerning the planned fish species and production, 
    Hesy Aquaculture can carry out a full financial plan.

  • Production planning
    Based on the customers input concerning the planned fish species and production,
    Hesy Aquaculture can carry out a full production plan.

  • Project lay-out documentation
    Hesy Aquaculture offers design layout drawings:
    in order to calculate building and infra structure expenses required for the project.

  • Design + engineering design in 2D and 3D
    For building/construction and all recirculation aquaculture equipment.

  • Project and building schedule
    Building a fish farm require careful planning : 
    Hesy Aquaculture supplies a working schedule for construction and installation of the recirculation aquaculture equipment

  • Start-up and management manuals
    Hesy Aquaculture will deliver the following manuals:
    Complete operation manual
    Individual product manuals

  • Implementation of fish farms

    • Installation of pipes and equipment
      Hesy Aquaculture has the skills and the experience to guide you through the entire turn-key project.
      We have our own staff on-site for mounting and implementing of pipes and equipment, 
      Hesy ensures that the plant will be delivered complete and fully operational.
    • Commissioning 
      When the implementing of the fish farm is complete and the plant is completely tested; 
      the Delivery Certificate will be signed.
      Hereafter one year’s warranty on all materials and installations starts.
      All warranty work on materials and installations, if any, will be carried out under the responsibility of Hesy Aquaculture.
  • Waste water treatment
    Complete waste water treatments for the required output of water from the fish farm,
    treated according local requirements

  • Fish handling 
    Complete fish handling solutions

  • Fish processing 
    Complete fish processing solutions

  • Training and education
    HESY offers the following additional training, beside the standard technical training.
    The quality of the fish farming business depends highly on the skills of the staff, 
    they are responsible for the production and fulfill their operational requirements. 
    The training is to provide the production manager with the required farming techniques and covers:

    • Feeding techniques throughout the farming period 
    • Feed requirements and feed manufacturers 
    • Growth rate variables and how to increase growth rate
    • Water quality and fish age related temperatures. 
    • Illnesses, their characteristics and how to treat them
    • Fish selection procedures in relation to their age, size and sales qualities
    • Marketing related selection demands
    • Unit operation, maintenance, etc.
    • Emergency situations & measures and crises management
  • After-sales service

  • Technical service

  • Biological service