Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (R.A.S.)

Recirculation Aquaculture System

Indoor Recirculation Aquaculture System are land-based fish farms, which allows all year round control and delivery of fish. Whether the facility will use fresh water, brackish or a marine water, an R.A.S works on the same principles. The system can achieve optimal temperature and optimal and stable production all year round, independent of seasonal variation, location, climate and environment.

Advantages of Recirculation aquaculture systems

  • Stable production of high quality fish, 365 days a year
  • Low water requirement .
  • High production of quality fish on a relatively small area.
  • Reduced risk of diseases.
  • Low mortality rates.
  • Continuous control
  • No environmental influences
  • Intake and effluent reducing to the minimum.
  • Treatment of discharge water

disadvantages of Recirculation aquaculture systems

  • Depending on regular power supply and control.
  • Start-up capital for building, technical installation and running cost

HESY Aquaculture has technical and biological experience of intensive production facilities of more than 20 different kinds of warm and cold fresh- and saltwater fish species like:

Fresh water Salt water
Salmon smolt Salmon
Trout Sea Bass
Sturgeon Sea Bream
Barramundi Cod
Pike Perch Turbot
Murray Cod Yellowtail Kingfish
Eel Cobia
Tilapia Grouper
White fish Snapper
Ornamental fish Sole
Arctic Char