• Turn key supplier

    Why choose HESY/Turn key supplier

    HESY Aquaculture is one of the world's leading companies in design and turn-key delivery of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems...

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  • Company profile

    HESY aquaculture since 1984

    The company was founded by Mr. Arie de Bondt in 1984 Localized in Bergambacht, The Netherlands: HESY Bergambacht was mainly focused on eel technology...

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  • Recirculation aquaculture

    Recirculation aquaculture

    Indoor Recirculation Aquaculture System are land-based fish farms, which allows all year round control and delivery of fish. Whether the facility will use fresh water...

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Simplified process flow diagram


In a closed recirculation system is a high fish production of high quality in a relatively small area possible. In addition, the constant production and supply of fish throughout the year.

Compared with a controlled open system a Recirculated Aquaculture System saves on the heating and cooling costs by the use of mechanical and biological filters and by recirculating the water.

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